10th May 2016. Off to Tiverton, Devon, England.

It was a chilly day so we just had a quick cup of tea and decided to set off, I went to say thank you for letting us stay and chatted to a very nice man about places he’d visited in his motorhome, he told me Northern Norway was definitely the place to head for, Darren eventually got fed up with sitting with the engine running while he waited for me so I took the hint when he drove towards me across the large car park, said my goodbyes and clambered into the van.

We drove to Telford and en route we stopped for breakfast at The Apple Tree Coffee Shop at Barton Marina, Barton-Under-Needwood where I also had a huge hot chocolate because that was their speciality and it would be rude not to try it!

I’ve had my chocolate fix now so I’ve banned myself from having any more hot chocolate until we get to Bruges where my friend Debby suggested I visit The Old Chocolate Shop for hot chocolate, I’m looking forward to that.

After we’d had breakfast and a walk around the marina in the drizzle we carried on to Telford where the kind people at Travelworld Motorhomes reset the air suspension so it was no longer like travelling in a boat on a choppy sea and while we were waiting we had a ‘nose around’ the brand new motorhomes, they were very snazzy.

We changed our original plan which was to stay in Stafford and instead decided to drive to a Brit Stops in Tiverton so that our journey to St Agnes the next day wouldn’t be such a long trek.

Thank goodness we did because the journey down there took 6 hours and the journey the following day took 2 hours so we wouldn’t have been at our best if we’d visited our friends after that drive. Instead we stayed at a pub called The Trout Inn where we parked at the back of the car park and the only sound we could hear was the patter of raindrops, the distant sound of sheep baaing and the river rushing past on the other side of the trees.

We had a very tasty meal at the pub and the owners were very welcoming.  After the meal we went back to our van and crashed out, it had been a very long day!



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