SAT NAV Hiccups

Our SAT NAV did some extraordinary things during our European tour.  We were rather surprised because we’d bought a SAT NAV especially for motorhomes and it was set up with the height, weight, width AND length of our van!  Here are links to some of the hiccups it had which added a frisson of excitement to our day!

(25th May.  Berlare, Belgium)

Our change of plan was to drive to Ghent however I started to talk to Darren at what turned out to be a crucial moment and we turned off the motorway that was taking us to a Park and Ride too early and we ended up driving into Ghent town centre. Click on the link to read the continuing saga:

(29th May.  Zwolle, The Netherlands)

We discovered yet again that we really can’t trust the SAT NAV when it tried to stuff us up yet again!

We had found a small marina to stay at, Marina de Hanza in Zwolle, however as we got close to it our SAT NAV turned us off the road we were travelling on………. Click on the link to read the continuing saga:

(24th July.  Harstad and Andøya, Norway)

We followed the SAT NAV down some extremely tiny roads thinking we were travelling round the island when suddenly the road ran out and the SAT NAV said “Now board the ferry”, SURPRISE!  Click on the link to read the continuing saga:

(7th September.  Wismar, Germany)

We drove on to a stëllplatz in the grounds of the schloss in Schwerin.  The drive in was horrible, we’d obviously hit rush hour and the beautiful buildings were liberally splattered with tags and other graffiti making it look like a really dodgy area.  The SAT NAV decided to sulk and didn’t mention that we had to turn left until we’d gone past the turning about 100 yards…….. Click on the link to read the continuing saga:

(6th October.  Gries am Brenner, Austria)

Sheer terror kicked in when we started our assent to our stëllplatz.  Darren had seen it on the map and it looked like it was near the autobahn, which I was a bit disappointed to hear, however as we started driving up a mountain along a single track windy road worrying about what would happen if a vehicle came hurtling around a corner I was hoping against hope that we would get to a car park beside the autobahn very quickly.  Click on the link to read the continuing saga:

(11th October.  Diano Marina, Italy)

As we drove into Diano Marina our SAT NAV decided to pull a stunt on us

The area was VERY busy, the SAT NAV told us to turn right off the main road and right again.

The first road was full of people and cars and as we turned right again and drove towards a bridge I noticed a market was in full swing in the street on the other side of the bridge…….. Click on the link to read the continuing saga:

(19th October.  Carro, France) Part 1

I think our SAT NAV must REALLY hate us!  It sent us on a ridiculous route.  As we travelled down some extremely narrow streets in Gémenos, we complained bitterly about why aires have to be situated up such tiny lanes.

We had to turn into a very tight entrance to a lane on a sharp bend, drive up a steep hill and make a sharp left into another very tight hair pin bend.  It got worse and worse from there…. Click on the link to read the continuing saga:

(19th October.  Carro, France) Part 2

We had no intention of going anywhere near Marseilles but our SAT NAV had different ideas and we ended up doing yet another horrendous journey through the city. Click on the link to read the continuing saga:

(15th November.  Sitges, Spain) 

Darren was checking to see how long it would take to get to our friend Beki’s house in Ontinyent.  He was a bit confused when the SAT NAV informed him it would take 18 hours particularly as it had been half that amount of time when we were back on the Spanish border.  Click on the link to read the continuing saga:

(21st December.  Roquetas de mar, Spain)   

We needed to move to the campsite in Roquetas de Mar, that turned into a farce, just for a change, thanks to our SAT NAV.  Click on the link to read the continuing saga:

(20th March.  Alqueva Dam, near Moura, Portugal)

We reluctantly left the beautiful stop over at Almonaster La Real this morning and made our way towards the border with Portugal.  Darren had the route programmed in to the SAT NAV and it should have all been pretty straight forward however, it never is.  This adventure ended with a police escort!  Click on the link to read the continuing saga:

(29th April.  Vlotho, Germany)

We were very pleased when the SAT NAV showed that we were a minute from our destination, that was until she directed us down a tiny lane that was dissected (just round a tight bend) by a bridge that had a height restriction of  2.5 metres! Click on the link to read the continuing saga: