Useful items

Microfibre tea towels and hand towels.  White for hand towels and coloured for tea towels.  They also make useful drying mats, our actual drying mat (which was far too bulky) is now used to wedge the bedroom sliding door to stop the rattling as we drive.

Plastic shoe boxes, they fit neatly in the overhead cupboards round the rear bed, stuffed with socks and pants which would otherwise fall out when we open the door.

Hanging canvas shelves we hang in the wardrobe (to be more precise they hang in the small garage we use as a wardrobe).

Folding bikes, we love ours and mine is even better now as I have a metal basket on the front with a security lock which we bought in Holland.  My bike also has a new comfy saddle.

Nylon carrier bags which fold into tiny bags and clip in my rucksack handbag, great for food shopping.

Removable wooden chart table with bracket that allows it to be extremely manoeuvrable (made for yachts)

Sliding floor pedestal with utility tray in top which Darren made to the support chart table.  The original Frankia table was much too big and the position of the table top too restricting.

Glass kilner bottle for filling with water and putting in the fridge.

Plastic bucket with lid and plastic jug in the bathroom.  Fill with the cold water run off from the shower while the hot water is coming through, saves a lot of water and can be used to flush the toilet.

Silicon ‘sticky’ matting placed between plates and bowels to stop them rattling and on the nice wide flat shelf by the passenger seat.

The sticky matting has also been placed on the base of our kitchen cupboards to stop tins sliding around and I have a large strip of it on the shelf next to my seat in the front of the van so I can place things on it without them sliding on to the floor every time we stop or drive round a corner.

The elastic wine glass holders Darren made,  two runs of elastic next to each other on the wall fixed at glass width centres, then just hook the glass base under them.

Large water carrier, clear for drinking water, black for grey water.

Small submersible pump used to pump the water out of the drinking water carrier.

Small foldable trolley, very useful for wheeling the water carriers.

Two toilet cassettes, they have been invaluable.  We were told to get two by other motorhomers.