Starting Point

In May 2015 my husband Darren, our friend Shirley and I toured round Vancouver Island for a month.

Two weeks after we had returned home Darren suddenly announced that he’d enjoyed our tour so much that he’d decided he wanted another adventure and suggested we tour Europe in a motorhome for a year OR, alternatively, explore the UK on a narrow boat!  Touring Europe in a motorhome was the winning idea which we undertook with little to no idea of what that entailed!

We only had three things planned before we left home.

The first was our initial stopover at a campsite in Belgium where we were booked in for three nights so we could take a breath and take stock of what we’d done!

The second, another three night stopover on the 9th June at a rock festival in Sölvesborg called Sweden Rock.

The third, we intended driving to Northern Norway to see the Midnight Sun.

The rest of our trip was a magical mystery tour built on chance meetings with other motorhomers who kindly shared their knowledge with us and just stumbling across lovely places to stay. This was a totally alien way for us to travel as I have always made sure absolutely everything was pre-booked before we went away on our previous holidays.

So with our friends and family helping us to pack, Darren’s sister Paula taking on the job of post lady and our parents and Aunty Elaine plant sitting, we set off on a trip of a lifetime!

I have written a blog recording our adventures from the moment he came up with the initial idea.

Our blog begins with May 2015.  A Seed Of An Idea.