15th May 2016. At Home.

On Sunday we carried on clearing things and packing the van.

We were beginning to panic because there was far more to do than we’d appreciated, such as making some cushions for the van and sewing is not my forte.

Around midday Darren’s parents, Shirley and Malcolm and his sister Paula came to say goodbye, it was lovely to have a break from the packing and to take our minds off the enormous task still ahead of us.

My mother-in-law Shirley suggested we went out for lunch and she was quite right, it was a very good suggestion. We had a lovely time eating and chatting and then it was time to get back to the task in hand.

It was very sad saying goodbye.  We’d said goodbye to our children and one friend after another on our farewell tour of the UK and now that we were saying goodbye to our parents it was suddenly bringing home to us the realisation that we were definitely going and we wouldn’t be seeing them all for a whole year and that was a little scary!

Time for bed and another hectic day.

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