19th May 2016. Deal, Kent, England.

In the morning we had breakfast in the restaurant at the Llama Park. The owner had said that if we wanted breakfast in the restaurant before the 10 a.m opening time to just look through the window and the staff would let us in and serve us, which we thought was very kind but we overslept so they were spared having to let us in early.

It was so nice not having to cook the breakfast for a change although Darren pointed out that we would NOT be making a habit of this because “it’s not a holiday it’s a temporary change of lifestyle!” Ooh!  I’ll try to bear that in mind!

After breakfast we went back to the van and Darren caught up with some work and we ate the cakes that we’d bought in the Llama Park.  We couldn’t leave here without having cake because they make superb cakes (as we’d remembered from last time we stayed here).  Then we made tracks and drove down to our final Brit Stops this year, The Plough and Harrow in Deal.

We found the pub and I noticed the door was open but wasn’t sure whether the pub was actually ‘Open’ that early so I tentatively peered in through the door.  Seeing four people sitting at the bar SHOULD have given me a clue that the pub WAS in fact open but no, instead I felt compelled to make a total pillock of myself and asked the lady behind the bar whether they were open.  That comment elicited a roar of laughter from everyone there and one ‘wag’ joked “No this is a lock in!”.  Oh, I can be SO dense at times!  I turned bright red and burst out laughing at my stupidity (still it’s nice to entertain people even if it is done unintentionally!)

When I’d recovered my composure I asked the lady behind the bar whether we could book a table for dinner and what time we could come in for an evening meal, it turned out she was the Landlady and she said that as she did the cooking we could eat as soon as we wanted, which was great news because we were both starving by then.  Exit Mandy stage right.

We returned five minutes later, with me wearing a sheepish grin.

We enjoyed our meal and watched the sheep as they grazed on the hill on the opposite side of the road as we ate.

When we’d finished we went back to the van where I discovered Darren had set up the TV and we snuggled up and watched satellite TV for the first time.


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