August 2015. The Deal is Done.

Darren contacted Bob and Sue on the 2nd August and said we’d found a Frankia and they arrived at the dealer in Frauenstein on the 6th August to inspect the van for us.

They were very thorough and extremely helpful and, luckily for us, they were trustworthy as they needed all the money in order to pay for it before they went to collect it.

In August we were very excited when we heard they’d got our van and we popped in to see it on our way home from a trip to Derby.  After a cup of coffee and a chat Bob drove us to the van and showed us around it.  Luckily it was love at first sight, it had so many wonderful features!

Unfortunately we had to leave our van there because it had to be MOT’d and have bits changed so it could be driven in the UK, that was a wrench!

It proved to be hard work for Bob and Sue, the German dealer had told them he’d got all the paperwork but when they arrived at the dealership he hadn’t and it took them a number of weeks of contacting him before they finally received the paperwork they needed.

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