July 2015. Search for a Van.

At the end of July 2015 we visited the Norfolk Motorhome Show and on our way home we detoured so we could pop into a showroom to have a look round some vans.

We nosed around all the vans in the showroom and the last van we looked at was a tatty Frankia I 680 BK which we fell in love with and would have bought if the dealer had given us a deal, luckily he didn’t and we started our search for another Frankia I 680 BK which are apparently ‘as rare as hen’s teeth’ in the UK.

Fortunately for us Darren stumbled across a company called Bundesvan, which is run by Bob and Sue Le Resche, they told us where to look for European vans. We decided to buy a left hand drive Frankia I 680 BK from Germany, sight unseen just from photos on a motorhome dealer’s website.


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