27th December 2016. Granada, Spain.

We had an early start today and a very long drive to Granada.  We were all shocked as Darren drove along the road that cut between the vast swathes of plastic greenhouses, there were little communities of what looked like shanty towns, we felt like we were back in South Africa.  Closer to Granada there were similar homes but these were cut into the rock.  I didn’t realise there were areas in Spain like this.

We hadn’t realised that Granada was up in the mountains, it was quite a lot cooler when we got there and the mountains in the background were covered in thick snow.  It was very pretty.

Morgan was feeling rather mankey today so we sat on the tour bus and looked round Granada that way.  It was rather a superficial way of doing it but he wasn’t up to walking all day.  We had a carriage to ourselves at the back of the little train.  Apparently it had been designed especially for Granada, it was partly electric powered and quite narrow, how the driver managed to get it through some of the narrow streets without clipping the walls was beyond me.  It was rather a bumpy ride over the cobbles and at one point the door swung open due to the vibrations!

We took the train back up the hill for lunch where the waitress asked whether we’d like to sit indoors or outside in the square.  We chose to sit outside in the sun and then realised that she was lifting a table up to bring it outside.  The boys took it from her and we all picked up a chair and took those across the road to the square.  It was a lovely place, the food was very tasty but expensive for what it was.  I’d ordered the vegetarian meal, sweet peppers, it turned out that is just what I got, 2 peppers cut into slices and fried, very tasty but for 8 Euros, they were a very expensive plate of peppers.

We left relatively early, stopped briefly just up the road at a view point to take some photos and then continued on the 2 hour journey home.

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  • 22nd January 2017 at 1:20 pm

    Hi weather looks good? But boys dont look too happy. Looks a great place to sight see. Were sitting at home with frost and ice every where. Didnt see any icecream on your table. Miss you love xxx

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