10th January 2017. Cabos de Palos, Spain.

We left the dealership and went to find the place we’d nearly moved on to last night.  It was at La Manga at the end of a very long spit.

Unfortunately it was a miserable day, weather wise, and the sea was grey so we decided to go back to the car park at the other end of the spit at the bottom of the lighthouse at Cabos de Palos.  There was only one other motorhome there when we arrived and we decided we’d only stay long enough to have lunch and a short walk so we parked on the top row.  I was still feeling rough so our walk to the lighthouse to see the view was very slow and took far longer than we’d expected so by the time we got back to the car park it was far later than we’d anticipated and we decided to stay overnight after all.  We had a quick chat with a British lady (I stood well away from her so as not to contaminate her with my lurghy).  She was out walking a dog that had the look of a Hovawart only very fluffy.  Pretty soon some other vans had turned up and we’d taken so long thinking about moving on that we decided to stay overnight which was a very good plan as it turned out.

In the evening we went for another stroll up to the lighthouse where Darren spotted a man swimming/snorkelling.  The man popped his head up out of the water, spotted Darren and waved.  We watched him swimming way out to the rocks and kept an eye on him on our walk back to the van as he turned around and swam right across the very big bay.  Darren suggested that he may well have done that a few times before!

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