10th July 2016. Stockholm, Sweden.

Today was a work day.  I went to the restaurant to buy cakes for elevenses and an afternoon break, they’d made some very fancy cakes.  I chose apple cake and a rhubarb and something cake (I’ve no idea what the other main ingredient was, the word was unguessable).  Both were really tasty.

In the evening we went for a walk.

Half way through our walk we stumbled across a building that looked like a scout hut and there beside the door, munching on the grass, was a deer.  He was so engrossed in eating that he didn’t notice us for quite a while and when he did realise we were there he stood with his bum facing us and twisted his head round so that it was right next to his bum.  I’ve no idea how he managed to stand in that position for so long, we think he was hoping we hadn’t seen him.  He ambled away when a car pulled in near him.  I was really cheesed off because I’d forgotten to bring my camera out with me and missed taking some interesting photos.  That was our cue to make our way back to our van.

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