12th December 2016. El Portet, Spain.

We went out on the bikes today, we had no idea where we were going but as luck would have it we found a notice board showing several local bike routes.  We chose the shortest one which took us along a cycle path beside the sea and then inland and through a little hamlet before taking us back across the main road to a little harbour.  It was a lovely ride made even better when we found a little restaurant between the sea and the harbour in El Portet and felt compelled to stop there for a coffee.


It was so nice sitting in the sun listening to the tiny waves breaking on the shore that we decided to stop for lunch and a beer as well.  The baguettes that turned up were HUGE and VERY tasty.  We noticed a little visitor who had also decided that our baguettes looked very tasty, a cute little cat.  Unfortunately for him I decided that he wouldn’t be enjoying my salad baguette so he gave up and a few minutes later I saw him sneaking out from behind a rock and looking all pitiful until the people at that table gave him a tit bit.

We were entertained for ages by a man snorkelling near the beach, after he’d been snorkelling for at least an hour he got out and sat down.  A while later we noticed he’d gone back in the sea but this time he was standing in it up to his knees swooshing a big white water bottle around.  He eventually filled it with water, screwed the lid on tightly and struggled back to the shore then wandered off.  I wonder what he was using it for, any ideas?

Before we started our ride home I walked over to the toilet, I wouldn’t normally mention that but the toilet was rather unusual.  Firstly I was expecting it to be attached to the restaurant and when we were given the key Darren wandered off with it.  I sauntered along, didn’t see where he went and stood outside a door at the side of the restaurant, it therefore came as a bit of a shock when the door opened and as I turned round to smile at Darren I saw a stranger coming out of what was in fact a store room!

That confused me, where on earth was the toilet if it wasn’t there!  A few minutes later I heard my name being called and looked across the harbour to see Darren striding towards me.  It turned out the toilet and basin were in a structure that was a bit like a white Portaloo and the walls and door were translucent with a large red foot print painted on the door.  I bet that toilet is baking during the Summer but in the Winter it was very bright and breezy.

The bike ride back to the van was lovely, I hadn’t been looking forward to cycling up the long hill that we’d free wheeled down on the way but it turned out to be quite easy to cycle up, I must be getting fitter after all.

The journey back to the van seemed much faster than the outward journey.  I enjoyed visiting El Portet, I hope we can come back to this area on another trip.

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