12th March 2017. Tarifa, Spain.

It was another  windy day today but we had entertainment laid on all day. We sat and did some work in the van but we began our day’s entertainment  by watching the cows wander past for their daily meander over to their day time field.

A short while later the beautiful coloured surf kites put in an appearance above the trees and we watched them rising and falling, how the kite surfers don’t crash into each other is a mystery.

In the late morning Darren took the rubbish up to the bin and as he started to walk back two land yachts appeared and we spent ages watching them glide round the area in front of the van.  Shortly after they’d started a small motorbike joined them, it was a member of the enterprising quad bike company and he began rearranging the tyres and adding flags to some that he’d piled up in the centre of the course, we were hoping something else was going to start happening but no one other than the land yachts used the course.

Darren told me the quad bike company had placed a sign up by the road in the hope they’d catch some business and it seemed to work so we watched the little dog careering across the ground followed closely behind by the quad bikes, I don’t know where he finds the energy.

We watched some storks circling over by the hills/mountains during the afternoon and hoped we’d get to see more raptors fly in but the wind kept them away, there were still lots of egrets and other smaller birds flying around singing to watch.  The seagulls were out in force, there were flocks of them flying past, I’m still amazed that I haven’t heard any seagulls crying in Spain, perhaps they are a different type of seagull from the noisy, ones at home.

In the late afternoon we went for a stroll over to the beach to look at the kite surfers, we were astounded by the numerous kite surfers both scooting across the water and practising, board less, on the beach.  The sight of all the multi coloured kites was extraordinary and I spent ages taking photographs whilst being sandblasted.  As we were standing on the boardwalk we heard a greeting and looked up to see Jan and Terry (who are travelling incognito in a German van with a French number plate!).

We spent a long time on the beach discussing photography, (whilst I was taking photos of the horse riders and the kite surfers, the entertainment here is never ending) bird watching and places to visit to see wild birds then we all wandered back to the vans where it was both warmer and far less windy and continued our chatting there.

Earlier in the day Terry had had the misfortune to delete a folder full of photographs, luckily he’d uploaded some of them to Facebook so he was able to show us the fantastic photo of the full moon that he’d taken the previous , he told us there would be another full moon tonight, so as the full moon rose we were both outside trying to photograph it, my results weren’t stunning but it was fun trying.

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