14th April 2017. Dinant, Belgium.

Our plan for this morning was to visit the Citadel.  As we walked across the car park we were lucky enough to see four jet fighters racing across the sky.

The Citadel was well worth the money, we bought a ticket which included a tour, the cable car into town and a boat trip.

We joined a tour and the guide told us that although he would be doing a commentary in French and Dutch we were welcome to join the tour and he would give us a leaflet which explained each section.  He said that if we had any questions we should ask him at any point.

He didn’t stick to the ‘No English’ rule for very long, he was great, he kept us informed with what he’d told everyone.  It amazed me that he even made jokes in all three languages.  He was very entertaining and interesting and he tried to involve everyone in what he was saying.  He chose one person from France, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, England and the Netherlands and each of us had to lift and drop a canon ball then it was multiple choice as to how much it weighed.  We all chose 8kgs which was the correct answer, only one man got it wrong so the guide teased him and said “For France nil point like the football!”  He took us all out to a view point.  The view along the river was magnificent.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

From there we went down to the town in the cable car, we were a bit nonplussed to see lots of  large painted saxophones placed at regular intervals along the bridge, we later discovered there are lots of them in the town because the saxophone was invented there apparently.

We had lunch in a bakery beside the river before catching the boat.  It was so nice to glide up the river looking at all the fancy buildings.

The town wasn’t very big but it was full of beautiful buildings and dominated by the Citadel high up on the cliff.

We caught the cable car back up to the Citadel and treated ourselves to a beer at the cafe overlooking the river and when it started to get a bit busy we wandered reluctantly back to the van so that Darren could get on with some work and I could up-date the blog.

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