14th October 2016. St-Tropez, France.

Unfortunately the weather was absolutely awful this morning and as the aire didn’t have electricity we changed the plans we’d made at Le Plan de la Tour and decided to move on to St Tropez where the aire was supposed to have electricity.

Another hairy journey ensued.  The road was very narrow and windy and although there wasn’t a huge drop on our side the van still would have rolled down the dip if the wheels had gone off the edge which they looked like doing a lot (not from the drivers seat they didn’t, I had my eyes closed. Don’t you just love cruise control!).  It was only a 30 minute journey but it felt like a very long 30 minutes!

We arrived at the road into the aire and passed it, it looked teeny.  Darren turned into the next road along and there was another sign to the aire but there was no way the van would have been able to get down that so he did a manoeuvre (of course at that moment Sod’s Law came into play again and the empty roads suddenly had cars hurtling along them!).

We did turn into the first road we’d seen and it was very narrow but we did get into the aire which was fine.  We hooked up to the electric and went out for a walk to find the beach before it started raining again.

Unfortunately because of the weather our first sight of the sea wasn’t of an Azure expanse of water but something resembling the English Channel and the ‘beach’ had such big hills of sea weedy stuff all over it that we couldn’t see any sand at all.

We walked further along the road to see if there was an improvement in the beach there and found an information board which explained about the sea weed and why it was left there.

A bit further along some poor souls boat was being pounded against the sea wall, it must have been knocked there during last nights storm.

We didn’t feel there was much left to see here but we knew that the weather was going to improve tomorrow so we made the decision to cycle into St Tropez tomorrow.

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