15th January 2017. Zeneta, Spain.

We were expecting to find a market set up at the site today but when we went outside it hadn’t materialised, maybe they only run it in the Summer.

I was very slow in going over to use the shower today and when I got there the owner had just finished cleaning it.  I apologised to her and she smiled and said I wasn’t to worry, that was so lovely of her.  I’m sure if that had happened at home I would not have been popular.  When I’d finished showering I made sure I put everything back in its place before I left the room and thanked her again.

We went for a walk this afternoon, the dog that we’d heard barking last time we’d walked up the path had left his post so we sneaked past.  Unfortunately it was VERY windy and although it was sunny the wind made it feel quite chilly.

Not long after we’d rushed past the ‘dog’ house we saw a strange spectacle, as we walked towards a field covered in little white flowers a flock of birds suddenly rose from the undergrowth, they flew a short way and then descended back into the undergrowth again.  It was very strange, like a low flying murmuration!  We stopped to watch them again on the way back, it was intriguing.  I’d love to know what type of birds they were and why they were behaving like that.

When we got back to the van one of the owners walked past and I said “Hola” to him, a short while later there was a knock on the door and he had brought us another basket of oranges and lemons (I can feel a song coming on).  It was such a lovely surprise AND the oranges were lovely and juicy.

We spent the rest of the afternoon trying to update the blog a bit and in the early evening  we had another surprise, we’d just finished watching the sun set, it was a beautiful sun set, and suddenly just across the road from the site there was a firework display!  We rushed out of the van to watch them along with our neighbours.  it was very pretty.  When they finished the owner walked past and said to our neighbours that it was a party.

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