16th April 2017. Vianen, The Netherlands.

This morning I missed the sunrise, it was there when I looked out of the window but by the time I’d put some clothes on the sun was up and hiding in the cloudy sky.  I walked up the slope of the dyke wall to the canal where the mystery of the disappearing cyclists was solved.  There were three very big barges moored along the canal and the bikes with the yellow panniers were standing in a row along  the top of the dyke.

I didn’t take too many photos this morning, which was good because I didn’t freeze my socks off as I have on previous mornings.   I’d been hoping to see mist on the canal as I’d seen in Saint Florentin, nevertheless the sun still looked good shining through the misty clouds.

While we were having breakfast the cyclists re-appeared and spent another twenty minutes cycling around and around the car park before gathering to do some warming up exercises and stretches.  They then all cycled off into the town and probably on to their next stopover.

Whilst we were watching the cyclists we saw a heron land beside the small canal in front of us and, as an added bonus, a stork flew across the roof tops into the town.  I’ve seen the heron three times now, I wasn’t expecting to see wildlife whilst we were parked in a car park.

We spent most of the day working, which was fine, as the weather was very changeable.  It was an unremarkable day except for the moment we saw a boy on a moped drive along the lane in front of us doing a wheelie, now that was impressive!

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