17th August 2016. Upperud, Sweden.

We chose to stay here for another day as it was nice and sunny and Darren discovered a washing machine in the oblutions hut, he also discovered something else.  He went to throw our rubbish away and discovered a noticeboard hidden on the back wall of a hut by the entrance to the harbour which you could only see as you drove out.  It had all the information on it for camping or mooring your boat.  It said that the area on the grass by the electric hook up was reserved for motorhomes, we’d inadvertently parked in the car park although the Harbour Master hadn’t mentioned it when he collected our money yesterday evening so he obviously wasn’t bothered.

All the other motorhomes had left so we moved over to the electric hook up on the grass and I started doing the washing.  I had to use my little washing machine because we didn’t have any change for the big washing machine and there was nowhere nearby to get any change.  It took most of the day to do all of the washing and I even managed to squeeze our big duvet cover into the little machine.  That cover has now been packed away not to be used again until we get home, it’s been replaced by a thin cotton duvet cover that will be far easier to wash AND dry, the thick one had to drip dry because it was too big to fit into the spin dryer.

We were the only people on the site for most of the day, it was just us and the ponies in the field behind us until another van arrived in the early evening.

We were reading in the van in the evening and I suddenly noticed the inside of the van had taken on an orange glow.  When I went outside the sky looked like it was on fire.

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