17th June 2016. Lindby Boden, Öland, Sweden.

We saw a deer and her tiny fawn walk past the front of the van this morning while we were having breakfast (that’s weird as I wrote that I looked up to see a deer walking into the woodland next to us!  Ooh, she’s just come back with TWO fauns this time and now a buzzard has swooped low across in front of the windscreen!  What a GREAT start to the day!)

Today we met the lady who owns and runs Lindby Boden, her name is Viveka.

She gave us some local maps and suggested a route to cycle round, she said it was a three mile round trip so we thought that would be a nice little cycle but she did warn us that the weather forecast rain within the hour.

I was a bit surprised at how close we were to Borgholm because our book said it was 10 km away but Viveka said it was 1 mile away (?).  As she’d mentioned that it was going to rain in a short while we thought we’d check out the route before we left.  Then Darren remembered a strange thing that the Swedish man at Tosteberga had said about Swedish miles so he Googled it and apparently the Swedish man wasn’t joking, one Swedish mile (and it’s spelled mil) = 10 km!  I’m not sure going from cycling 8 km in a day to 30 km in a day would be good for my poor sore bottom or Darren’s ears for that matter as I’m sure I’d do an awful lot of whining on the journey back!

After a lot of prevaricating we finally set off for a short cycle to explore the surrounding area.  Of course Sod’s Law says that was bound to be the moment it would start raining and sure enough it started to spit with rain as we cycled up the lane.  Our nerve held out for about 1 km and then we decided that we really didn’t want to get soaked so we turned around and returned to the van.  I think it took longer to sort the bikes out than it did to actually do the ride!  Better luck next time!

We spent the rest of the day in the van, Darren working and me writing up the blog.


Click the link below for motorhome stopover Lindby Boden:



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