17th October 2016. La Lavandou, France.

Today we’re moving on to Hyeres, we have a parcel waiting for us there that my step-father Bri has very kindly sent out to us with various bits and bobs that we need but I’m most exciting about the box of Bird’s custard powder it contains!

Darren and Alex had a fiddle with their gas bottle which was causing problems and they all came over for coffee and a last chat before we left, what a nice way to start the day.

Kathryn had passed on some information about a place to stop in La Lavandou in a supermarket car park we popped in to do our shopping and as we got back to the van it began pelting down with rain so we ended up staying there overnight.  The only excitement that day was as we were sitting eating lunch/dinner in the car park and I noticed the van next to us pulling away it took me a moment to realise that the tree between us was also pulling away and then I realised it was us rolling forward!  Darren jumped up and yanked the hand brake on!  It’s only the 2nd time that’s happened, I do hope it’s the last!

We were very surprised at how quiet the car park was overnight.

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