18th February 2017. Seville, Spain.

I have no idea how our friends managed to catch their flight this morning if they were as exhausted as we were from all the sight seeing, which I’m sure they must have been.

We had a slow start to the morning then I continued from where Darren left off the night before trying to book our flights back from the UK to Malaga.  It took me three hours before we eventually managed to get past the ‘Verified by Visa’ page and were able to pay for the tickets, during that time we’d tried looking for a way to book on the phone or any other way to book the tickets other than on the internet, it was getting quite desperate so we were relieved when we eventually reached the page that said we had bought the tickets!

My next task was to re-book our accommodation for the night before and after my Dad’s funeral.  The lady who runs The Hideaway was very kind and helpful in accommodating us at a time when she hadn’t expected to be open.

Once everything was rearranged we decided to go out for a walk, we didn’t get very far before we found a restaurant that was heaving with locals (we had only crossed the road!) and we sat at a table.

What a great find, what a shame we found it on our last day!  There were two actual vegetarian meals on the menu, which sounded lovely.  When the food turned up it was beautifully presented and tasted wonderful.  It definitely wasn’t a tourist restaurant, no one spoke English (we were very proud that we knew enough Spanish foody words to be able to explain what we wanted and to sort of understand what the waitress’s and waiter were asking us.  We had to laugh at the reaction we received when we asked the waitress for an Americano and extra hot water!  At first she looked at us as though we were pulling her leg then she made an hilariously incredulous face and exclaimed “Agua, caliente?!!!” and we both burst out laughing.

Our meal was so tasty and very pretty that I thanked one of the waitresses and told her that the meal was delicious.  She was genuinely very happy and extremely pleased that we had enjoyed it.  We’ve had that reaction a number of times in Spain when we’ve complimented someone, it’s such a wonderful reaction.

Later in the evening we had a stroll into town to visit an area we hadn’t seen before unfortunately that part of town was extremely busy on a Saturday evening so what started off as a stroll turned into a route march as we made our way back towards a part of the town we knew for something to eat.  The views along the river were very pretty particularly by the bridges which were illuminated.  The lights made beautiful reflections in the water.

We eventually found an Italian restaurant and sat outside watching the world go by while we ate a yummy pizza.

It had been a strange day without Janet and Paul, we missed them, but there were a lot of memorable bits about it too.

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