19th December 2016. Vera, Spain.

It was an overcast but dry day and we’d decided to move down to Roquetas de Mar, FORTUNATELY I had a quick look at Facebook and noticed a clip on my friend Jude’s page.  It showed a car up to its roof in water and a man standing on the roof!  Apparently there was extensive flooding yesterday in Murcia, I added a comment on her page about how I was very pleased we hadn’t visited there the previous day after all then I carried on down her page and saw another clip, this time of VERA!  Apparently the town had been evacuated during the night!  I am SO glad we were in an aire up a hill.

With that news we decided to stay at the aire for another night and used the time to reply to emails and explore the site.  We went to the bar for coffee but that was like the Marie Celeste, the TV was on, the lights were on and there was food in the cabinet but there was NO ONE anywhere to be seen.  We hung around for 10 minutes and eventually gave up and went for a walk.  The site was covered with art, someone had spent a very long time making lots of sculptures from broken tiles and had painted images on tiles too, it was great.

I’d like to come back here so we can cycle into Vera and explore the town on a day it hasn’t been washed out.

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