19th January 2017. Cartagena, Spain.

Our early morning wake up call today was the melodious sound of gas canisters being moved around on the shelves in the cage!  Darren!!!

Jane sent a message this morning saying there was going to be 30mm of rain today so a 2 mile walk into Cartagena might not be a good idea after all, perhaps we could postpone it until tomorrow, we readily agreed, it was looking horrible outside.  I did the hoovering, it was a wonderful feeling getting rid of all the grot that was lurking in the crevices.

At 8 p.m. again we heard the clanking of gas canisters being placed on the shelves.

In the evening we went over to Steve and Jane’s van this time.  They had made a lovely meal.  Steve had  cooked a very tasty vegetable curry, Jane was the sous chef.

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