1st December 2016. Benidorm, Spain.

We’d arranged to meet up again today, they are definitely gluttons for punishment!

Again we started off with coffee but this time Steve and Jane took us to a Dutch café which served pancakes so we started our day with more chatting, coffee and pancakes looking out on a much clearer seascape this time, we could actually see land in the distance.  We received a message from Euronautica to say the company they were ordering the gas regulator from had just discovered they hadn’t actually got any in stock so it was going to have to be made which would take 10-14 days! Mind you we were having such a good time with Jane and Steve that it didn’t bother us at all!

This time Jane asked whether we’d like to go to see the gardens in Benidorm so we wandered through the Old Town, stopping at a China shop (we’d been told about these shops which look tiny from the outside but are like the TARDIS inside and they sell a multitude of miscellaneous gubbins).   Darren bought a tea infuser which he later turned into a drain strainer.

The gardens were another surprise, the people who had designed the gardens had included an amphitheatre, there were huge clay pots lining the walkways which look like they might have fountains in them and there were staircases zigzaging up the walls to the higher streets above.  It was great.

Another thing that surprised us about Benidorm and Spain in general to be quite honest, is the architecture.  I’d imagined the high rise buildings would be boring 1970’s architecture but they’re most definitely not, the architects have used different materials and lots of colours to dot the horizon with some interesting and beautiful structures.

We followed the path up to the Bull Ring and walked around the outside of that then Jane and Steve took us to a little Spanish family run café for coffee along with a plate of tomatoes on a crispy baguette, it was gorgeous (more please).

After we’d sat there for ages chatting and given our feet a bit of a rest we wandered back down to the Old Town where we eventually succumbed to more tasty tapas.

On the walk back to our campsites we watched a Meatloaf tribute duo who had great voices (we watched from outside) and Jane and Steve pointed out a couple of the places where the comedy Benidorm was filmed, Neptune’s night club and the swimming pool from the show.  ANOTHER fantastic day.

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