1st May 2017. Naarden, The Netherlands.

Aaaargh!  It’s the 1st of May already, only six more days before we return to the UK.  Where did that time go!

It was very quiet here last night, I’m pleased to say.  We decided last night that we would stay here two nights so we can do some work and chill out a bit after the mad dash of the last two days. Besides that we need to be here on Tuesday because the museum within the ramparts is only open from Tuesday – Sunday and we want to look around it.

It was a good call, we woke up to the sound of rain pattering on the roof.

Just before midday all hell let loose as sirens blared out around the ramparts.  We can only assume that they were testing the alarm in case of emergencies because the sirens died down after about a minute.

We ventured into town for lunch and found a nice cafe called ‘Family‘ https://naarden.family.nl/?radius=1, the food was very tasty and it wasn’t expensive, just what we needed.  Unfortunately when we left the cafe it started spitting with rain so having walked to just past the ice cream shop (which was shut, tragically) we turned round and retraced our steps until we got to the ramparts, we had intended walking round them to the van but the rain became a bit heavier so we gave up on that idea and rushed across the car park and into the van instead, in the nick of time because the heavens opened just as we shut the door.

We spent the rest of the day snug and warm in our van, the perfect way to spend a wet day.

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