20th September 2016. Röttingen, Germany.

We were all ‘towned out’ now so we headed for a stellplätze in a village called Röttingen to decide where to go next.

En route to Röttingen we stopped off at Tauberbischofsheim.  It was a very pretty little town with some interesting modern art in the streets and with a nice café in the cobbled town centre where we sat and watched the world go by.

We’re still amazed at how cheap coffee and cake is in Germany, it’s wonderful (although my waistline is probably disagreeing with that, we managed to lose weight in Scandinavia but I’m certain we’re getting rounder on our tour of Germany!)

We enjoyed our short trip round Tauberbishofsheim and carried on to Röttingen.

Our entry into Röttingen was slow as we came across a large group of people proceeding along the road and into the church.  We’ve heard the church bells that ring a lot throughout Germany so it was nice to see the clergy in their finery.

We were heading towards a free stellplätze on a vineyard and we drove past the paying one as we went over the bridge.  However the free stellplätze was absolutely heaving when we got there, it was only tiny so we drove back to the previous one which was a minute round the corner and lucky for us had spare pitch facing the river.

We were a long way from the electric hook up but one of the other motorhomers showed Darren another hook up point nearer us.  I was a bit worried about leaving our electric cable running along the bottom of the steps up to the road in case someone tripped over it so I pushed it as far into the base of the step as I could and held it in place with a rock.

It turns out no one cares and people leave their cables trailing everywhere (it has been SO good during the whole of this trip not to have the Health and Safety police vetting everything.  It seems in Europe that people take account of their own actions instead of blaming everyone else if they have an accident, how refreshing).

We’d noticed a café/ice cream shop as we entered the town so we walked back there for coffee and ice cream.  The lady in the shop was very helpful and nice and smiley.  We sat outside to eat our tasty ice cream, it was as scrumptious as the ice cream we had in Werningerode.  We keep finding different flavours and I had lime ice cream with a scoop of a flavour which was even nicer if that’s at all possible, I think it was apricot but whatever it was I was definitely going to need to visit the café again before we left in the morning so I could have another scoop.

We walked off the ice cream and carried on exploring the town.  Down the hill we saw a dog climb into the bucket on the back of a tractor, he was very excited and as the tractor drove past us we heard him barking madly, we think the tractor driver was telling him to be quiet.

On our tour around the town we saw a lot of unusual sundials, all of them had different designs, apparently this is called the Sonnenuhrenweg (the sundials path) and it runs for 2 km.  Unfortunately we didn’t know that at the time or we would have followed the trail.  We wandered down a little alley as we headed back to the van and we came across a pen with a few hens strutting around it, a few feet further along the alley there was a bridge with a roof which lead into a public garden.

We made a little friend as we were exploring the pretty town.

There are lots of surprises in this pretty little town.

We noticed that the motorhome next to our van had a German flag painted on its satellite dish but strangely it was a Belgium registered motorhome.  We couldn’t resist taking a photo of the satellite dish, it’s such a brilliant idea.

The combination of the quiet spacious stellplätze beside the river and the café has made us decide to spend another night here.

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