21st August 2016. Gothenburg, Sweden.

We had a late night last night and overslept, we had planned to move on to Gothenburg today.  At around 10 a.m. there was a knock on the van door, which we both ignored, luckily the person outside was persistent and called “Hello!”  Through a sleepy haze we suddenly realised it was Colin so Darren clambered out of bed to open the door.  Thank you Colin, if you hadn’t been so persistent we would have been terribly late leaving Marstrand.  In fact we would probably have given up on the idea of going to Gothenburg (which was hanging in the balance anyway) then Darren would have had to put up with a grumpy wife for the journey to wherever we ended up going.  Added to that we wouldn’t have had your email address.

Even with Colin’s help we STILL didn’t leave Marstrand until about 2 p.m.  That was probably my fault because after I’d finished doing my ‘getting ready to move on’ chores and wandered over to thank the people who’d pointed out the last space in the ställplats to us when we arrived, I’d gone to look at the fish and crabs in the sea and take some final photographs (as if I hadn’t photographed the view to death already).

We arrived at the ställplats in Gothenburg that Colin had suggested, it only had spaces for a few vans and because we were so late it was already full so we hung around in the hope that someone might leave (highly unlikely) and then made our way to another ställplats on the other side of the city.

The next ställplats was in a large parking area, at the top of a very high hill, surrounded by woodland.  Much prettier.

It looked great, much prettier than the other ställplats we’d intended staying in, we were very happy to buy a ticket to stay there.  We plugged into the electric hook up and went for a walk through the woodland.  There was a gym trail through the woods with places to lift weights and do sit ups, monkey bars to swing on and throw frisbees into a hoop.  It continued though the woodland on the other side of the parking area too.  However as we walked over to explore the woodland on the other side of the car park we saw a notice board with a white board for people to write messages.  Someone had written on it saying their motorhome had been broken into during the night about a week previously.  Needless to say we were rather nervous that evening and activated the perimeter alarm system on the van for the first time.  There was a notice that said the campsite send security up to the ställplats during the evening and we saw a police car drive round the car park during the evening so hopefully that acts as a bit of a deterrent.

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