21st January 2017. Mazarron, Spain.

Well Jane’s suggestion to move the vans away from the gas canisters was a very sensible one, it’s a shame we didn’t do it sooner, it was SO peaceful up the other end of the aire you’d never have known you were parked on a busy road into a city.

We had decided to move along the coast today, our first stop was Isla Plana.  My niece Lauren had consulted her travel diary and let me know that my Dad and Step mother Sylvia used to live in Isla Plana so I thought it would be lovely to go and see it.  It was only going to be a flying visit because I didn’t know their exact location.  We arrived in Isla Plana in tandem and Darren had great problems trying to find somewhere that we could park the two vans.  He eventually spotted a car in a little car park behind some houses beside the sea so he and Steve parked the vans down there much to the consternation of the young lads in the two cars who were having a ‘chill out’ session there.

The weather was rather manky so the four of us had a coffee before walking along the sea front and up along the path to look down over the bay.  It was much too blowy to stay outside for very long so I took just a few photos (well that make a change!).

I finally admitted defeat against the howling wind and we went back to the vans and drove on to Mazarron.

When we arrived in Mazarron we once again had problems parking, there were lots of motorhomes parked beside Lidls on the outskirts of the town and further in the town there were loads of signs saying motorhomes were not allowed to park there, although there were lots of vans parked beside the signs.

We drove round and round until eventually Darren spotted a short road.  It was a dead end and opened to the beach and it looked like the two houses on either side of the road were closed up.  So we both pulled up there.  A few hours later the owner to the house beside us came home but as the only window on that side of his house had a shutter padlocked closed on the outside he didn’t seem to mind that we were there.

It was the most beautiful setting.  The surf was pounding on the sandy beach and crashing against the waves sending spray high into the air.

We stayed on the beach long enough to take some photos and pat the beautiful old dog who had been let out of the house for his evening constitutional.  When he’d spotted us he’d hobbled towards us for a bit of attention.  We stroked him for a while but then the cold got the better of us and we went and hid in the warm motorhome where Jane and Steve joined us for dinner.  We had a very nice evening with them with lots of laughs.

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