22nd June 2016. Lindby, Öland, Sweden.

This morning we were having breakfast when Darren prodded me and pointed out of the window, there in front of the van was a hare, he slowly made his way across to the field of crops and disappeared from sight.  We thought that was exciting but then he reappeared and sat in front of the van eating the grass, he stayed there for ages before wandering off into the trees.

We saw Viveka a little while later and told her how excited we were to see the hare, she didn’t share our enthusiasm, apparently hares are a nuisance for the farmers, she said they dig lot of big holes everywhere.

She informed us that our new neighbours were Norwegians and that she’d mentioned to them that we were going to Norway and had asked them whether they could recommend some places to visit.  I thought that was very kind of her.

Later on in the day we saw the Norwegians, they were driving out and they popped over to say hello and mention that Viveka had spoken to them, they said they’d have a think about places they could recommend and chat to us later about it, although they did mention a place in Norway where we can see Musk Ox so I was very excited about that. They also mentioned that it was the Swedish Midsummer Celebrations on Friday and Saturday, apparently it’s a very big celebration.

Later on in the evening one of the men came over with a list of places he’d written down and he talked to us about them, it was so kind of them to spend time doing that when they were on their holiday.  I felt rather rude because although I was very interested in what he was telling us I was having problems concentrating because I was being eaten alive by mosquitoes and my feet were itching like mad from heat rash, I hope I didn’t look as though I wasn’t interested.  I’m very pleased my Mum gave us a First Aid kit with antihistamine in it and my step-mum gave us some antihistamine cream, I used BOTH and to my relief they worked like a dream!

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