22nd September 2016. Röttingen, Germany.

We were supposed to be leaving this morning to visit Rothenburg ob der Tauber but the weather was so nice, the stellplätze was so pretty and I thought this may be the last opportunity to do the washing for a while so I persuaded Darren that we should stay another night.

As we were sitting having breakfast looking out at the river we saw a group of people walking on the other side of the bridge.  We saw what I assume was a kindergarten outing.  The teachers had two large carts which had about six children strapped in each one.  I had to take a photograph of them, I saw something similar in Malmö only the teachers had the carts attached to the front of their bikes and I didn’t get chance to photograph them before they’d cycled off.  It’s great to see how differently things are done from the way we do them at home, as we travel through each country.

We were actually organised today and Darren put the washing on while I did some other tasks then we got it all hung out so it could dry while we were out.  Normally we would have gone out and then started doing the washing in the afternoon only to end up with a load of partially dry clothes hanging in the van.   I doubt it will last.

We cycled into the town again for food only the smiley lady wasn’t in the café this time and we were having a slight problem communicating, however a policeman was being served next to us and he kindly translated for us.

Again we sat out on the terrace with our coffee and sandwich and this time we tried one of their cakes for pudding, very nice.  We cashed in our three vouchers too so it saved us 6 euros, fantastic.

Afterwards we cycled up the road to a supermarket called Edeka to shop for supplies.  It was very hard not to get carried away and even though we tried not to buy too much Darren still had to tie two bags from his handle bars because it wouldn’t all fit in my basket and the two rucksacks.

It was very interesting this evening.  The farmers seem to be rushing today to get the grape harvest in and we’ve been watching some tractors and lorries with trailers driving across the bridge full to the brim with grapes or what looks like wood chippings (is that the detritus after the grapes have been picked?) and returning empty a short while later.  They carried on late into the night, I hope this doesn’t mean they’re expecting bad weather very soon.

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