24th December 2016. Las Marinas, Spain.

We had a very lazy day today, and it was great!  I saw Father Christmas playing golf on the course outside our window and he had lots of his little elfs playing golf with him, fantastic.

We Skyped our other son Austyn in Australia.  We’re mean parents, we’d forgotten what the time difference was and when he answered the call we were greeted by a picture of him barely awake in his tent although he did say he needed to get up because it was getting very hot in the tent even at that early hour.  We had a lovely long chat to him when he woke up about what his plans were now he’d finished working on the farm and what he was doing for Christmas lunch later on that day, we even got to see the campsite he was staying on.  Skype is great.

In the evening we followed the Spanish tradition and had our Christmas Dinner and opened our pressies, unfortunately the boys presents were their trip out to Spain so they only had a Chocolate Orange as a token pressie.

It was a lovely way to spend Christmas Eve.

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