25th January 2017. Journey to Vera via Villaricos, Spain.

Today we said goodbye to Judy and Steve and travelled to Villaricos for a lazy day sitting beside the beach as the weather was supposed to be getting bad the following day.  We had a laugh on the way there, Steve had got the short straw this time and he was leading the way.  Twice his SAT NAV sent him the wrong way and he stopped the van and wandered back to admit he’d gone the wrong way.  I was ready for him the second time and I took a photo of him then creased up laughing!

Villaricos was beautiful.  We parked beside the beach, there were signs saying no camping so I was a nervous nelly worried that we were going to be moved on.  We’d just got our chairs out and were having coffee outside Steve and Jane’s van when Jane kindly pointed out a naked man wandering along the beach in front of us, I’m in awe of anyone who can do that especially walking alone, that’s a scenario nightmares are made of.

We were rather worried when  we noticed a man striding across from the closed up restaurant further along the beach, we thought he was going to tell us to move on but it turned out he was a British motorhomer who was currently acting as security for the empty restaurant.  He was very chatty and informed about what went on in the locality.  He told us of various interesting and beautiful places to visit along the coastline towards San Jose then Jane asked whether he could write it all down for us so we didn’t forget any of it.  He wandered back to his van and kindly put it all down on paper for us.  I was getting some lunch together to add to Jane and Steve’s suggested baguette and cheese and I thought it would be nice to ask him to have lunch with us so Jane popped over to ask him but he had jobs to catch up on so he declined.

We spent a nice afternoon relaxing by beach then drove to Vera, Darren let Steve lead the way, unfortunately Steve’s SAT NAV sent him on the same wild goose chase ours had when we’d gone there before Christmas so it took a little while to find the road to the aire.

We parked right up on the top section of the aire this time, overlooking the valley, with snow capped mountains in the distance.  We had another nice evening chatting over dinner together.


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