25th June 2016. Visit Borgholm, Mid Öland, Sweden.

This morning we went into Borgholm to empty the grey water and toilet, as you do!  Viveka had put a map in the booth which showed us where to go to undertake that wonderful chore.

We went to the car park and parked up so that we could make sure the narrow entrance actually went to the service point rather than squeeze the van in and find it didn’t.

We thought we were being very organised, however it backfired on us, it did indeed go to the service point but as we walked back to the van a HUGE motorhome trundled up and got to the service point first so Darren drove up behind him and waited for ages while they emptied various tanks and refilled their water tank.  Meanwhile I was over by the waters edge taking photos of all the birds and of poor  Darren sitting waiting patiently!

We parked in the street (and worried about whether we were allowed to or not) then gravitated to an ice cream shop where we sat outside in the sun eating scrumptious ice cream and drinking coffee.

Borgholm had lots of pretty old buildings but it seems to be the place where everyone comes for their holidays and although it was quiet when we arrived it was absolutely heaving with people by the time we left a few hours later.

We sauntered over to explore the harbour which had some very fancy boats in it and were fascinated by a sandpiper wandering around nonchalantly in the middle of the road, in fact he only walked over to the grass because a little land train tooted its whistle as it drove towards us pulling its little carriages.

We chose an alternative route back to the main street via some back streets, ‘them’s the rules’, don’t go back the way you came in case you miss something hidden away and on this occasion the rule paid off because we saw lots more pretty houses AND a car that had been painted to look like it was covered with leather with large stitching!

We had to go back to the main street then because I’d seen a shop with some pretty dresses in it.  I went in to look at a specific dress and came out with a different one, par for the course! We also wanted some lunch so we stopped in the pizza restaurant, the pizzas were so big we took half away and had it for tea.

We didn’t have long to spend in Borgholm so we did some food shopping and then went back to Lindby Boden where Darren worked and I worked on the blog before we phoned home to wish Darren’s Dad a Happy Birthday.  It was lovely, Darren’s family were having a birthday party for his Dad and Nick, our nephew, and our boys were there too, the perfect time to catch everyone, it sounded like they were having a great time as we heard everyone singing Happy Birthday as we spoke to our son Austyn!


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