25th September 2016 Altmühlsee, Germany.

It was so pretty here that we decided to stay another night.

We took the bikes out and cycled around the lake, stopping at the little nature reserve on an island.

There was a lot of turmoil going on in the water in patches and when we looked closer there hundreds of small fish flapping and jumping around for some reason.  As we walked towards a small wooden bridge we heard some creatures making a right old racket.  We thought it might be a type of duck to start with but then I suddenly recognised the noise, it was being made by a myriad of frogs!  Frustratingly, the minute we set foot on the bridge they stopped completely.  We stood on the bridge for ages until finally two frogs couldn’t keep still any longer and they plopped into the water but they were the only frogs that gave themselves away.

Further into the nature reserve there was a three tiered platform for watching the birds where storks soared above us.

We popped back to the café for lunch (which turned out to be French Fries for me, my own fault for not eating meat.) then carried on cycling around the lake.  We had a great find ¾ of the way round, there was a wooden rocking chair placed so it overlooked the lake, it would have been a waste not to have sat in it!

When we felt we’d hogged the seat for long enough we cycled on. We were thrilled that to have stumbled on such a picturesque area.

Back at the van we Skyped Darren’s Mum and Dad, we’re so lucky to be able to chat to our family and friends, although it seems that the signal is better for us than everyone in the UK.

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