27th April. Copenhagen, Denmark

We woke up to the sun glistening on the blue sea, had breakfast and made our way to Copenhagen, I would happily have stayed here another day but we’ve got places lined up to visit on our way back home and we’re running out of time.


We found a  lovely place to stay in Copenhagen thanks to Park4Night, it was beside the sea.  The  van was parked facing a little grassy area which had two picnic benches and then beyond that the sea and the Swedish coastline and behind the van was a large grassy area.  As Darren looked across the water to the land in the distance he noticed that we could see the wonderful white tower that we’d seen in Malmo months before, what a great place to stop in.

We walked down to the beach where I took photos of the wonderful white twisted tower at Malmo  AND the bridge over to Sweden.  We were very excited to discover that we could see them from here.

From the beach we walked into town along a disused railway track that we stumbled across by accident.  It looks like it’s only used in the Summer, at one end there was a bicycle with a platform attached and when we got to the other end there were a few of the same thing there.

In town we found the Red Hop On, Hop Off bus stop.  We were very lucky Darren managed to catch the driver’s attention just as he was about to drive off so he opened the doors and let us on.  He was very nice and said he’d sort out the tickets when we got to the next stop, which he did.

We decided, as it was cold we’d be lazy and just stay on the bus until it got to the Little Mermaid, just as we were discussing that I suddenly realised that the stop the driver had just called out was Nyhavn which was one of the places I’d wanted to visit so we hastily gathered our stuff up and rushed down the stairs just in time to leave the bus before the doors closed!  Phew!

Nyhavn was beautiful, we loved the various coloured houses and what made it even better (if that was possible) was the Nyhavn C restaurant sign that caught our eye which mentioned it made vegetarian burgers that were so good they could make a meat eater wish they were vegetarian!  Needless to say we went in there to eat and their burger was just as good as they advertised.  Darren had a homemade beef burger with the added bonus of some Danisssssh bacon (he’s been keen to have Danissssh bacon ever since we arrived in Denmark, we still haven’t seen any pigs though) he said that was extremely tasty too.

After we had finished our meal we waddled along the beside the water and looked at the boats before catching the next Red bus.  We were very lazy, we just stayed on the bus for the whole tour only getting off when we got back to our starting point.  It was a great tour and tomorrow we’re going out on the boat tour only this time we’ll get on and off at different points.

We took a slightly different route back to the van, I stopped to take a photograph of a painting on the wall of a building and then we walked along beside the water, it was great.  We saw a very cute sight a Mother was sitting on a bench beside her three small, blonde children and they were all looking at a Mummy duck with her three blonde chicks who were all looking back at them!

We were rather disappointed to see a bicycle dumped in the water but then we noticed there were shoals of small fish swimming around it as well as some tiny jelly fish, I certainly wasn’t expecting to see any of those!

There were lots of different birds in and around the water.  We were entertained by a seagull for a while, it was bobbing around in the water about a metre away from us and suddenly ducked under the water, we assumed to catch a fish, however it reappeared with a small bunch of grapes!  It pulled one off and let the rest of the bunch sink back to the bottom of the water, when it had finished eating that it went through the whole procedure again.   We watched it dive 3 times then it got fed up with us watching and paddled off.

Further along the bank Darren spotted some geese and lots of goslings , one mum had her babies snuggled up underneath her for protection.  I noticed another mother looking up at the sky as if she was looking out for a predator, maybe seagulls eat chicks.

We were so carried away watching the chicks that we walked way past the steps we needed to go up.  We were just back tracking when Darren noticed a small bridge across the river so we took that and discovered a short cut to a road we’d walked past on our way into the city.

As we neared the area where we’d parked the van we were passed by a lorry with a strange contraption on the back, it had a long table with a canopy over it and along each side where bench seats would normally be there were bicycle saddles and each saddle had a set of pedals, I’d love to see THAT in action!

When we got back to the van we sat and enjoyed the view over the water to Malmo, the white tower was much clearer in the late afternoon sun, it was lovely watching the sun set over the sea

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