27th July 2016. Stopover near Rørvikstranda, Lofoten Islands, Norway.

We awoke to overcast skies this morning.

Our plan was to visit Henningsvær and then go over to the ställplats that Darren booked last night so that we can stay in one place for a few days.  However it started to pour with rain so our plans changed and we decided to catch up on work and blogging, I couldn’t upload the blog stuff at that point because we hadn’t got any internet while we were in Northern Norway as the satellite didn’t cover that area.   However I decided I should take the opportunity to finally get all my notes up-to-date so they would be ready to upload when we got our internet back again.

Darren cancelled our booking at the rasteplass and re-booked for the following day, the owner was quite relieved to hear that because he had twenty French caravans turning up that afternoon.

I had a productive time, I caught up with the blog (but still had a load of photos to edit).  I also did some more batch cooking to fill our little freezer so I was feeling very happy.  As luck would have it as soon as we’d finished our tasks the sun came out, perfect.

We went  for a walk up the road which was a bit hairy, it was a narrow road and we were worried we’d get squashed by the vehicles going past.  We walked up to an interesting rock formation and discovered we could see our van in the distance.  Happily at that point we found a track which took us off the dodgy road and through the undergrowth beside the sea down to the beach, safe at last!  Unfortunately as we were walking through said undergrowth Darren lost the lens cap off the camera that I’d lent him!

We walked down the track to the beach and as we stumbled out of the undergrowth we came face to face with the Norwegian biker lady that we’d talked to at Nyksund fishing village!  She was the one who had told us that this was their favourite place on the island.

I told her I’d been concerned about going down to Henningsvær because I was worried that if we bumped into them they’d think we were following them!  We certainly didn’t expect to find them camping on the beach!  We had a nice chat before Darren and I left her in peace and clambered over the rocks to the beach, where I had a paddle.  The water was rather ‘fresh’ and my feet were tingling when I came out again.

There was a mum down by the water with her little boy, he was adamant he wanted to swim when he saw me paddling, we all laughed when he finally put his foot in the cold water, the shocked look on his face was hilarious.

As we walked back to the path the biker lady called and came rushing over, she asked whether we’d like her to take a photograph of us both together at the beach.  As you can see we took her up on her offer, what a lovely thought.

We walked back up along a path that wound its way through the wildflowers up to the road, then made our way to our van where we holed up for the night.

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