28th June 2016. Lindby, Mid Öland, Sweden.

Today Darren worked and I sat outside the van in the sun writing the blog.

We popped into the Butik for coffee and cake and a chat with Viveka then went back to work.

We’ve decided that we need to leave Lindby tomorrow which I’m sad about, we’ve enjoyed staying here and having our daily chat with Viveka.  She’s lovely.

Unfortunately we’ve got a long journey up to Norway and we need to be there before the end of July (to see the midnight sun) with a stop off at Stockholm to be fitted in.

Viveka said she’d miss us, I would imagine it will be nice and peaceful without me there gas bagging on every day.

We had a nice walk through the woods in the evening taking a different path this time and when we got back to the van a deer popped out of the woods and stood eating the grass.


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