28th October 2016. Latour-Bas-Elne, France.

Well it turns out I was very wrong about the other Brits here.  This morning we were having a very late breakfast when I saw the owner walking round the aire (the lady I’d spoken to on reception yesterday) so I rushed out to pay for two more nights. She was as cheerful as before and we wandered over to the reception building where I paid and I asked whether she had a map because we had no idea where we were or what was in the area (it was a bit simpler than that because all I could remember were a few words including the word ‘map’ and ‘here’ accompanied with a lot of hand gestures).  Her reply was of a similar standard but in French obviously.

Apparently we’re in Latour Bas Elne, the town/village is 1 km away and the beach is 3 km away, the map was partially helpful, but it didn’t include where we were it was a map of the town by the beach and this area was just one of the names that had an arrow pointing in it’s general direction, still it was better than nothing.

We worked today but stopped for a while when Ian and Lou, the two Brits in the van a couple of pitches away from us, started chatting to Darren and in the end I went out to join them, they’re very nice.

We stood chatting for ages, all the time doing the ‘fly dance’ the moves for that (in case you want to give it a go) include intermittent leg flicks, a flick of the hand around your head or down your arm, the occasional pat of your hand on a body part or to ring the changes stand on one leg and rub the other leg up and down the front and back, it’s a free form dance so each dance is unique!  That’s the downside to the heat, the flies and the mosquitoes at night.  (Night fever, night fever [you know the tune])

They’ve been travelling for long periods for 12 years but started with a huge RV and have moved on to a relatively smaller van recently.  While we were chatting the man who’d seemed grumpy last night came over and started chatting his name was Bernie and he was travelling wiith his wife Viola.  He was very chatty and we discovered he lives very close to us and uses a campsite about 6 miles from our home which is useful to know in case we need to stay there at some point on our return to the UK, we had no idea it existed.  He also mentioned some nice places to visit in Spain.

We all chatted for a long time but it was very hot so we eventually gave in and went back to continue our tasks in the shade.

There was a lovely sunset this evening unfortunately the sun sets on the opposite side of the aire to the mountains so they only had a faint pink glow around them.

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