30th October to 1st November 2016. Latour-Bas-Elne, France.

There’s not a lot to report for the last few days, we’ve been catching up with tasks, Darren’s made a few alterations to the van and repaired a few bits and bobs.  I’ve been feeling poorly for a couple of days so we had a brief wander into town to find a pharmacy, unfortunately the town we were walking round wasn’t the town on the map that Darren was ‘reading’ and so ensued a comedy of errors.

Finally I decided I’d had enough of walking around aimlessly in the baking hot sun albeit through a very pretty town of which I unfortunately took no photos (I was feeling THAT poorly) and went into the supermarket to see if I could get something in there.

I now know supermarkets in France DON’T sell anything pharmaceutical not even paracetamol. I asked the girl on the till where the local pharmacy was and she said in the next town along (that’s when Darren twigged that we had a map of THAT town!) so we gave up our search for a chemist, bought food for lunch and walked the long walk home.

Darren very kindly took his bike out when the shops reopened, we were a bit more sensible this time and Googled the pharmacies in advance so he had a list of addresses that he could go and check out.

I am now totally up to date with the washing and almost up to date with photos for the blog before we start the Spanish part of our trip tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “30th October to 1st November 2016. Latour-Bas-Elne, France.

  • 6th November 2016 at 12:37 pm

    Hi to you both. Looks as though both having a great time. APart from mandy being unwell. Do hope your back to your usual self now. Was it to much ice cream ,,,,,,,looks a lovely erea you in now. Missing you both. Were both fine, xxxloveto you both.

    • 6th November 2016 at 9:18 pm

      Hi there, we’ve moved to Spain now. Mandy had to go see the doc to get some antibiotics but she’s on the mend now, not had ice cream for ages so it can’t e that!. We’ve been holed up at our first Spanish spot to let Mandy get better. We’re on the move tomorrow. We’ve had plenty of time to get this blog up to date so there’s lots to look at. Virtually all the back log of pictures are uploaded to the photo section now, just few more to go hopefully tonight. Love you both.

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