31st January 2017. Las Negras, Spain.

Nothing ever seems to go to plan with us, Darren did his video conference and subsequently had work that he needed to do so we decided to stay here for another night.

Jane and Steve moved on but not before we arranged to meet up further down the coast at Roquetas de Mar so we could take them to the German cafe for apfel kuchen. It was very strange watching them drive away and we felt very lonely without them.

I spent part of the morning catching up with the blog while Darren worked and then we walked into the town for lunch.  Unfortunately we discovered that the vegetarian restaurant was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays so we went to a restaurant on the sea front.  They didn’t have a menu del dias advertised but I remembered reading on Martin Lewis’s money saving site that if you ask they usually do have one, so in my best Spanish I did just that and the answer was “Si”!  Result!  We had a superb meal and sat watching some dogs enjoying the Winter sun, one of them who had been fast asleep next to his little pal had a leisurely  stretch and gave a huge contented sigh, while his little friend stirred and gave him a little nuzzle, it was so sweet to see.

After our lovely meal we went down to see the caves on the beach but people had their belongings in them so we didn’t go in, instead I went for a paddle in the cold sea then we sat on the beach looking at the paragliders soaring above us and I enjoyed seeing the sun sparkling on the shiny particles in the sand (it looked like specks of gold!)

Back at the van we sat in the afternoon sun reading and then I carried on with the blog into the evening.

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