3rd April 2017. Listorreta, Spain.

We’ve decided to stay here another night, it’s so pretty and Darren has work to do today.  We spent a lot of the day working on the computer although there was a short interlude where we watched a big coach drop off a party of school children and then proceed to do a (successful) 3 point turn in the narrow car park, it put us in mind of the scene in Austin Powers where he gets a vehicle stuck in the tunnel!

In the late afternoon we went for a walk.  Every time we go out for a walk recently it seems to be up steep hills and this was no exception.  We were pleased that we didn’t go out any earlier, it was very hot even at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

We had no idea what was up the top of the hill but there was a car park there so we thought we’d go up and see.  The walk up was breathtaking in more ways than one, the road snaked around the hill(?) so we had views across the landscape from both sides.

As we neared the top we could hear the sound of cow bells but when we looked down into the field it was another flock of shaggy sheep like those that I’d seen on our way in.  A great photographic opportunity only surpassed when we got to the car park and I heard more ‘cow’ bells.  When I went over to see what was wearing them this time a stumpy little pony (similar to the Exmoor ponies) plodded slowly towards me followed closely behind by a mare and her cute little foal.  I enjoyed watching them but then a donkey appeared along with another pony who looked like he was hurtling towards the fence, I was a little concerned that he was going to go straight through it so I made a speedy retreat!

We found a footpath that took us most of the way down the mountain.

We had to laugh though, on the way up we’d started to walk along a smaller road but as we reached a corner it looked like it started to go downhill so we turned round and walked all the way back to the main ‘road’ that led to the car park and followed that up instead.  As we left the car park we walked about 200 yards and came to an Alpine styled house, the little lane skirted round it and as we turned the corner 50 yards further on we came to the place where we’d ‘bottled it’ previously.  We consoled ourselves with the knowledge that if we hadn’t walked up the ‘main’ road we wouldn’t have seen the amazing views or the shaggy sheep!

Back down at the van we made a drink and sat at a picnic bench in the last of the afternoon sun.

Click on the link below for the Area de Listorreta:


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