4th September 2016. Neukloster, Germany.

It was a bit rainy today, in fact it had been raining most of the night.  We learned another lesson this morning when Darren opened the blind on the roof light and water poured all over him!  And the lesson that we’ve learned today is DO NOT leave your roof light fully open and the blind fully closed overnight in case it rains!  We also learned that the blinds are waterproof.  I was lucky, I’m usually the first one up in the morning so I usually open the blinds, I forgot to do it this morning, phew!

I was a bit cheesed off when it stopped raining; we were doing chores today so I was hoping it would stay manky outside.

We had a nice relaxed but slightly sad day as we ate the last of the gorgeous Swedish chocolate balls that we became addicted to at Lindby Boden in Öland.  We were also suffering from caffeine withdrawal.  I’d opened the tin to make coffee in the morning to find there was only ONE spoonful left (Jayne you’ll understand my dismay to discover that!) we were about to cycle down to the shops when we remembered it was Sunday and none of the shops were open.  It’s at moments like this that I appreciate being able to buy groceries at almost any time of the day at home although it’s also very nice to know that the shops here are shut at least one day a week.

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