7th May 2017. Molesey, England.

Today’s the day our tour of Europe and our blog comes to an end, we won’t be returning to our home until next October but we felt this was a good place to end the blog. *

It’s hard to believe that those months have flown by so quickly but during that time we have experienced many wonderful things and seen so many amazing sights that I am truly grateful to Darren for suggesting the idea however nervous I was originally at the thought of being away from our family and friends for so long. We’ve enjoyed it so much that we’ve decided we must do it again albeit over a shorter period of time.

We drove to Dunkirk early so that there would be no panic this time.

Just as we were applauding ourselves on arriving at the port we drove the wrong way and ended up following the lorries!  Whoops!  Luckily there was an escape route so 5 minutes later we were back where we started and back on track.

All the vehicles were searched twice before we waited in the queue for the ferry and on each occasion the soldiers who searched the van were so polite.  The second soldier actually apologised for having to walk into the van with his shoes on, that was so nice of him.

When we’d parked in the ferry queue we sat and watched a lady walking a Hovawart, like our dog Inke.  The lady appeared to be training her dog who was watching her intently the whole time they walked because she had a morsel of food in her hand.  Our dog was just the same, she’d do anything for the teeniest bit of food.

We then heard a lot of barking and looked over towards the lorries to see the drugs dog barking at a lorry and the customs men opening the side curtain of the lorry and clambering over the cargo, very exciting.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the end result of that because our line of traffic started moving on to the ferry.

Bye, bye Europe, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our visit!  “So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, adieu, adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu!”   (Plagiarised from the Sound of Music)

* I had intended finishing our blog when we returned to the UK but our adventure didn’t stop in October as we’d expected.