8th March 2017. Tarifa, Spain.

It would have been nice to have stayed another day beside the marina but as it was costing 12 Euros a night we decided to move further along the coast to Tarifa.

Wow!  What stunning views there were across the water to Morocco.  There was a low cloud between the land and the sea, it looked fluffy like cotton wool but there was nowhere to stop to take a photograph until we went round a corner and were thrilled to catch sight of a café and view point.

We ended up stopping there for lunch.  Initially we sat outside but it was SO windy that we gave up and went back into the café (I think the wind turbines should probably have given us a clue about how windy it would be) and I watched some birds of prey circling on the thermals, it was a beautiful moment.  We also saw a very cute dog enjoying the sun as we walked back to our van, I couldn’t resist taking a photograph of him.

After a very long lunch we carried on to Tarifa where we went shopping at Lidl and saw some great art painted on the side of blocks of flats.

We went on from there to the area de autocaravanas at Tarifa, which was a car park near the beach which was full of lots of vehicles squashed into an area behind high hedges.  It was extremely windy there and we wandered along the beautiful beach being sandblasted as we watched all the kite surfers with their multicoloured kites.

We decided not to stay in the car park after all and returned to a huge field we’d passed earlier, it was so much nicer and less windy, possibly because it was shielded from the beach by a screen of trees.  We chose a place to stop then reverted to lazy mode and just sat and watched various birds going about their daily routine until the sun started setting and the birds flew off to roost.


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