July 2017.

In July Darren and I drove to Monkey World at Wareham so that we could actually spend a decent amount of time looking at the monkeys this time instead of hurtling around at break neck speed as we did when we went with my Mother a few years before.

This time we had a great time although it was marred slightly when we received a phone call from our son Morgan telling us he was near our house and could he and his girlfriend pop over.  I was very disappointed to have to say we couldn’t see them because we were two hours away from home.

We had a weekend away with Darren’s sister Paula exploring West Wycombe, the surrounding countryside was beautiful.  We visited the Hell Fire Caves and watched the red kites soaring above us over the campsite.  Unfortunately we chose to stay on a weekend when there was a party going on in the pub garden next door and we only had a hedge between us and the noise, there was no sleep for us until the early hours of the morning.