10th November 2016. Palamós, Spain.

Last night we had planned to move on this morning but the aire was so nice AND it had a washing machine that we decided to wash the large items that don’t fit in our machine.  We left it a moment too long however and someone else nipped in and put their washing in first so we had to wait around for that to wash before we could start ours.

We’d intended going out to explore the town after we’d hung the washing out to dry but we took far longer doing it than we’d expected and as the site had such good wifi we thought we’d take the opportunity to Skype our family.  We had a lovely time chatting, the connection was much better than our internet connection usually is.  By the time we’d finished chatting however it was late afternoon so we decided we’d walk into town in the evening and have a meal and in the meantime we’d try to catch up with back dates on the blog.

The walk into town never happened, we were feeling so lazy we gave up on the idea and ate in the van instead.  What an extremely lazy day.  Tomorrow we are moving on to Pineda de mar, another recommendation from Kathryn.

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