9th November 2016. Palamós, Spain.

This morning we got on our bikes again and cycled 1 km into Palamos.  There was a long promenade along the beach with structures along it at intervals with canon in them pointing out to sea.

It was a great area to cycle along, I was a bit disappointed to discover that the old town was on a very steep hill and had to push my bike very slowly to the top which is when we discovered the shops and restaurants were all down the bottom!  Never mind it’s good exercise isn’t it.

We found an interesting tower beside the childrens playground and a big ‘window’ which framed the view out to sea.  Apparently it was the wall from an old church.  While we were there two of the cutest little boys cycled over on their little tricycles and clambered up into the window, they were having a fine old time, they spent a little while doing that then went off for another ‘cycle’.

They returned a few minutes later and I was alarmed to see the older one was carrying a draw string bag but one of the straps was dragging along and getting perilously close to his front wheel so as they stopped next to us I wandered over and bent down and handed him the strap, his little brother seemed a bit worried about that, I’ve no idea what he was saying but it began with “No” and I heard “Senora” in amongst the other words he said.  I wonder if he thought I was going to take the bag away.

We were on the look out for a nice tapas restaurant but the town seemed pretty quiet and the restaurants that were open didn’t look too inviting so we bought a takeaway kebab and sat on the promenade in the sun eating our lunch and watching windsurfers having fun out at sea.

We found a much more straight forward route back to the van and spent the afternoon watching some enormous motorhomes arriving at the aire, one was not only humongous but it was also towing a medium sized family car, how do they manoeuvre them in these tiny roads?

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