11th August 2016. Ställplats near Sunne, Sweden.

It was a beautiful hot sunny day today but Darren had a lot of work to do and I needed to try to catch up with the blog and catch up with the washing.  I did two loads of washing and then decided that the golf club probably wouldn’t appreciate the car park looking like a laundry so I improvised and hung it in the van.

We had daily entertainment while we were at the ställplats.  We watched two teenagers racing backwards and forwards around the golf club in a ‘Gator’, I don’t know what their job description was but they were having a great time regardless of what they were supposed to be doing, it was a joy to watch someone so happy in their work.

In the afternoon a man arrived at the golf club in his American car, plenty of room for the clubs in the boot of that.

Darren finished his work late in the evening so we went out to stretch our legs, I wish I’d taken my camera because a crow flew up to the bronze eagle and perched on the tip of its wing, it looked minute.

Later in the evening we were pleased to see a motorhome park up (we met a couple in a motorhome in Belare at the beginning of our trip and the lady told us that it’s always good to camp with another motorhome and she’s right it is good to have company).   A Norwegian lady came over to ask us where she should go to pay.  Darren told her that the shop was shut and they only charged for the electricity so she didn’t need a parking ticket.  She wandered back to her husband and then moments later came back to ask whether she could borrow our key so they could have electric hook up and they’d pay for it in the morning so we lent them our key.

We saw another beautiful sunset over the lake.


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    • 21st August 2016 at 6:39 pm

      That’s brilliant Mum, hopefully the blog will look much better when I’ve got all the photos on the site, it’s taking quite a while (I’ve just finished adding photos to a page I was working on when we were on the phone to you!) xx

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