10th August 2016. Ställplats near Sunne, Sweden.

Darren had some work to do and he’d noticed our neighbour was plugged into one of the huts opposite us so he went into the golf club to see whether we could pay to do the same.  The man told him that the ställplats was behind the golf club and we could plug in there, we’d seen a sign by the golf course car park on our walk the evening before but we assumed it said no motorhomes or caravans allowed in the golf club car park, wrong!

We plugged into their electric hook up and spent the rest of the rainy day working and blogging.

The sun came out in the evening so we went for a walk but there was a distinct Arctic chill in the air and the smell of Autumn which set Darren panicking again about getting out of Sweden before the snow arrives.

We found a lane that ran alongside the golf course and got halfway down the hill before we decided that it was someone’s driveway. We came to that conclusion AFTER we’d trudged through cementy mud where the builders at the top of the hill were emptying their cement mixer and  I’d ended up with a cementy souvenir on my walking shoes.

Unfortunately it was karma catching up with us.  Years ago we lived down a country lane on a steep hill and our children were playing on a water slide we’d set up.  That came to an abrupt end when a hiker marched into the garden with mud up to her ankles and informed us that the water was running onto the footpath and had turned it into a mire!  Whoops!  Sorry!

We saw a man walking up the path towards us and thought he was coming to tell us we were trespassing so we walked back up to the road at a jaunty pace giggling like little girlies, sad, eh!  I didn’t know I could move that fast.  As we got to the top of the lane two boys cycled past and said hello.

Sunne ställplats 4

We started walking down the hill on the path at the side of the road.  It was only when we saw the two boys who’d cycled past us on the lane reappear further down the road that we realised it had been a footpath after all, so we walked back along it from the bottom.

We passed a little underground building at the edge of the golf course.  While we’ve been touring round Sweden we’ve seen a lot of sheds built into the ground with only the roof and front wall showing,  I must find out what they’re used for.

Underground hut

After a short walk along the lane we were back at the van.


Sunne stallplats 5

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