16th July 2016. En route to Norway. Stopover at Köpmanholmen, Sweden.

Today we just worked and blogged during the day then went for a walk around the marina to stretch our legs in the evening.

We followed the canal past the entrance to the marina and along beside a gigantic shed where the canal joined the sea.  Although we could see the shed was big from the looking at the back of it we didn’t realise just how big until we walked inside.  We felt quite insignificant when we looked up at the huge structure.

I defy anyone to stand inside such a large empty building without out making silly noises to see whether it echos, needless to say we were no exception!   It did have a great echo so we had to have a play for a while, mind you it must be deafening in there when they’ve got machinery going, I bet the sound of that echoing isn’t fun.

We assume they must put the boats in there in the winter.

We walked back to the van along the other side of the shed which was a bit creepy.  There were old abandoned cars with the windows smashed in and other assorted bits of machinery dotted around the site on this side and it was over grown with weeds and brambles.

The previous day I thought I’d seen a man walking his dog round the back of the boat shed so I was very happy as we neared the area where I thought he’d been walking.  I assumed that we were nearly back to the van and out of this creepy place only it turned out I was wrong!  We encountered a load of logs and junk cutting off the way through to the marina!  By that time I’d managed to give myself the heebie-jeebies and there was no way I was going to go back the way we’d come so we clambered through the weed covered logs and rubbish (my imagination had already decided that loads of snakes were in there waiting to ‘get me’) and nonchalantly wandered back into the marina hoping no one had seen us fighting our way through the undergrowth.

Once again a beautiful sunset appeared over the harbour in the evening.



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